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Do you know the average time spent deleting spam messages per day is 2.8 minutes? And when we multiply that by total days in a year, then it would be 17 days. Isn’t it frustrating? You’d rather spend these 17 days doing some other tasks than deleting spam emails.

Despite that, you can’t ignore all the junk mails that are present in your Hotmail inbox. It’s not like you can’t delete them. Of course, you could. But you’d risk deleting some emails from your friends and family.
Thus, the question here is how you can protect your information and your identity from spam and viruses without wasting 17days a year?


Every email service provider is aware that users dislike spam, including Hotmail. And that is the reason why service providers execute spam filters and other techniques that you can use to prevent spam and unnecessary emails from reaching your inbox.

Here is a complete guide for you to block emails on Hotmail efficiently

Block Unwanted Spam Emails on Hotmail

There are three ways in which you can block emails on your Hotmail account.

Blocking emails using filters

When you receive unwanted emails from a particular sender, it is better to block their email address to the blocked addresses list. Follow the steps and know how to do it.

  • Open your Hotmail account on your preferred device.
  • Your inbox will appear on your screen.
  • Tap the setting icon at the top right side of your screen.
  • Click on the More setting option.
  • Under the Preventing Junk heading, click on Safe and blocked senders.
  • Click on Blocked Senders.
  • Now, enter the domain or email address in the box marked Blocked email address or domain.
  • Click on Add to list.

Bingo! You’ve successfully blocked the email address which was bothering you from unnecessary emails.

Now, let us head to the second option to block emails on your Hotmail account.

Block Emails on Hotmail by Creating a Filter Rule

It sounds so interesting that you can create your own rule to block emails based on specific words in the email subject line. For example, you could add terms like now, buy, winner, help, or phrases you mostly encounter in the spam email subject lines.

Here’s how you can create your filter rule on your Hotmail Account.

  • On your Hotmail account, tap the gear icon.
  • Choose for More Mail settings.
  • Go to Customizing Hotmail section. Choose rules for sorting new emails.
  • Tap on New.
  • Select messages you want this rule to apply.
  • Now, opt Subject in the first drop-down menu.

Block Emails from Unknown Email Address

Below are the steps you can follow to block messages from all the unknown email addresses.

  • Login to your Hotmail account and select the gear icon.
  • Go to More Mail Settings.
  • Under Preventing Junk Mail, click on the Filters and Reporting option.
  • Tap Exclusive.
  • Select Safe Senders.
  • Enter email addresses you want to add as safe. Hit enter after every email.
  • Hit on save at the top of the screen.

Remember to check your junk email folder to ensure that your important emails are not sent there by mistake.

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