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Over dozens of email platforms available on the internet, it is challenging to find the best email platform that completely satisfies your needs. Right? The email services are examined according to their online security features, reliable user experience, and excellent free email services. Hence when we go through the best email service provider options, Microsoft is in the winning rank. Microsoft’s email service competes with Google’s Gmail, which you can see by comparing their features. To visit Microsoft’s email service, go to the following link

Like any other free email service, Hotmail provides its user with a free channel for receiving and sending email from anywhere around the world. Certainly, it has no boundaries that could create hindrance, for the people having an internet connection in any part of the world.

Initial Release2012
PlatformsWeb, Android & iOS
Total Active Users400 million
Created BySabeer Bhatia

With features like an anti-spam and online thread that secures email services that are end-to-end encrypted makes it even more trustworthy. Therefore, if you want to know other comparative features of the Hotmail email service, you must see that it also enables links to other services. The links are Skype, Windows Live ID, Xbox Live, etc. Although, many users are still not familiar with the Hotmail email services. Using Hotmail email service is quite simple yet efficient. It only takes a few minutes to create an account on Hotmail and get engaging services all your life.

Let us have a quick look at the history of Hotmail.

History of

Saber Bhatia and Jack smith are the masterminds behind the Hotmail service that first launched in 1995. They were inspired by HTML and hence named the service Hotmail.

Subsequently, in 1997 Microsoft made further amendments to the platform, and it was then, it started facilitating the internet users by providing free email services.

In 2001, the number of users increased to more than 100 million. Yes, that’s true. The number itself shows that Hotmail became popular in no time. Besides the fact that it had few limited features available at that time. Some of the features you might see people go crazy about were sending and receiving free emails, calendar, spam filters, virus scanning, contact begin added to the address book, etc.

However, in 2006 Windows Live and Hotmail were introduced in the digital world, and millions of users welcomed the idea. It was a moment in 2012 when another step taken by Microsoft resulted in greater success. The change of Hotmail to Outlook made a drastic success for Microsoft.

Old Hotmail was taken over by Outlook. And later, all its IDs were automatically moved to the new interface. The users accepted the change, and they were thrilled by using the email services for their everyday affairs.

Unique Features of

Hotmail is the first choice of millions of users. Over time, it has enhanced the user experience by introducing services that are user-friendly, compelling, and secure. Hotmail has upgraded to a great extent so far. Hence millions of users are getting familiar with its latest features, which are upgraded to meet users’ needs and satisfaction.

  • Active View

Active View feature is all about creating an interaction with email contacts. Hotmail supports connectivity with external links, such as Youtube, Twitter, and Flicker. Thereby, you can view external contents through the same interface.

It means, for example, you received a tweet in an email thread, so you can view it without landing on the Twitter page. Moreover, the active view feature is leading in the United States Postal service for shipping purposes. The users can track the items in real-time mode and view the details in their email inbox.

  • Outlook Contacts

The feature was before, known as Windows Live People or Windows Live Contacts. But now, you can see this option as Outlook Contacts.

The feature has some popular functions like add, delete, or duplicate contacts from the list. You can create groups of different categories. Besides, the interesting part of the feature is that it helps in connecting with various social media platforms. That including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

  • Skype Access

As explained earlier, that Hotmail facilitates Skype integration. You can easily send, receive, view messages and make Skype video calls from the Outlook email interface.

  • One-Click Filter

It is annoying to see the bulk of unnecessary emails in your mailbox. Although you see them as spam but receive them anyway. Due to this, you might lose some necessary emails.

A one-Click filter saves you from unnecessary emails. The feature allows you to add a custom email filter that filters all the useless emails. And let you go through the important emails immediately.

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  • Virtual Sweep

This interesting feature is highly considered among the users. Hence, if you wish to perform the bulk activities, then Sweep will be a good option. All you have to do is, Sweep the particular sender and delete all the emails in one go.

Now, as you’ve explored complete Hotmail from beginning to date, let’s see how to sign up and login into your Hotmail UK.

Registration | Hotmail UK:

Creating an account on Hotmail is an effortless task. All you gotta do is follow these simple steps and sign in to Hotmail.

  • Open the Outlook homepage on your web browser from the link

  • Next, click on the option ‘Create a free account.’

Hotmail UK

  • Choose an email ID in the space provided. Choose domains as you wish. Sign up

  • Create a strong password of at least 8 characters. That includes a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button and fill in all necessary details as asked.
  • In the end, enter the captcha as shown to proceed.

Fantastic! See, your Outlook account is ready to use in no time.

Login | Hotmail UK:

  • Open your web browser and enter the link

  • Click on the Sign-in option from the three different options available.

Hotmail Login UK

  • Enter your login credentials and start using the service.
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